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Hello everybody, how are yall?

My name is Benjamin, but I like to go by Ben. I am a 21 year old music student here in the great state of Texas. Don't worry! I am not a crazy southern republican facist extreme-religious cowboy.

My favorite book by Buk is Ham on Rye and my favorite poem by Buk is "to the whore who took my poems"

I have a passion for good lit and my favorite writers include (yes you guessed right) Buk, Hemingway, Salinger, Burroughs, Frost...

My favorite music is extensive but would have to include John Coltrane, M. Davis & Bob Marley. Favorite "high white art" composer would have to be stuff like Steve Reich.

I like wine, weed & writing - and, Ja Ich kann Deutsch

thank you very much for taking the time to read this, I look forward to getting to know you all and learn even more about the greatest writer I have ever read, Charles Bukowski!

(Go Ron Paul!)

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