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Welcome Nick, you might notice that was my signature because I am the bigest name on Bukowski.net. Do some reading and learn about Bukowski and you'll love it here.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you found Bukowski.
Well it was my 19th Birthday (Legal drinking age in Vancouver, Canada, 5 years ago) and a buddy of mine came by with a bottle of Jameson whiskey and a gift for me. I opened it and it was Women. I hadn't really been into reading much before that, but after the first few sentences I fell in love with Buk. Since then Ive purchased all his novels, some poetry books, and a few short story collections. I cant wait to get some more. Every time I find something by Bukowski that I haven't read I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Cheers. Name is Brendan by the way, people call me BP.

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