Nomad Video "Bukowski Reads Bukowski" and "I'm Still Here" (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Found this VHS on my bookshelf. I must have bought it years ago. Anyone ever watch it? I'm guessing everything on it can be found on the web these days...

The first one looks like Taylor Hackford's Bukowski. The second one is overdubbed in German, so it's pretty annoying/useless for English speakers to watch.

Yes, both are on YouTube, but there are two versions of the Hackford documentary, one is around 30 minutes, the other is an hour. If your tape is a clean copy of the hour long version, that's good. But the cover there is pretty bootleggy, so it doesn't lead me to believe it's a better copy than what's out there.

If you don't have a VHS machine you can send it to me. I'll dub it to dvd and send the tape and a disc back to you. You know, just on the off chance it's better quality than what we have.
Thanks for the "I'm Still Here" tip, Pogue. I've just seen it on the web. Nice documentary, well translated. I've always liked the German version of When Hugo Wolf went mad, a poem Bukowski read in Hamburg 1978.
Well, I'll know in about 29 minutes which version it is.


But at first glance (on a three inch screen) the quality isn't better than the existing 60 minute version. But I'll check the dvd when it's burnt.
I really need to get organized around here.

As it turns out, I already have a dvd of this, because, naturally, I had the VHS tape too. So this was kind of a waste of time. Well, Pogue, you get a dvd out of it anyway.

And to the answer to the question, it's the 30 minute version (or actually a 25 minute version). And the quality is VHS bootleg quality. Meaning, not terribly wonderful.
And for the record, while we're here, the 60 minute version is titled "Bukowski," and the 30 minute version is titled, "Bukowski Reads Bukowski." So if you're bootleg shopping that might be a helpful clue.

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