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Sold Open Bukowski & FBI File (1 Viewer)


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Found a few things while unpacking some old boxes:

1. Open Bukowski: His Life as See Through his Writings for the Los Angeles Free Press 1974-1975.
This looks to be photocopies of all his contributions of Notes of a Dirty Old Man to the LA Free Press compiled by Jamie Boran back in 2000. It's one of 25 signed and numbered, several hundred pages and comb-bound.

2. Federal Bureau of Investigation File #140-35907, 1957-1970, Henry Charles Bukowski Jr.
This is also a photocopy of edited and redacted FBI files, with no compiler notes; about a hundred pages.

I don't recall where these came from. Anybody have any thoughts on what they're worth, and/or better yet, is anybody interested in them? They're both brand new.
Bill said he paid $25 for a copy of #1 (though the thread is nine years old). I'd pay that for it now. :) Maybe a little more. Let me know. (Actually, you listed it here in 2008 for $100.)

I'm not sure what kind of value #2 has, since all you have to do is ask to get a copy of that from the government. Though if the one you have is older with the hand drawn redactions it's a bit more interesting than what you can get now. Now the redactions are done by computer, but in the hand-redacted copies you can read through some of them and see what they were trying to cover.
The FBI FILE as well. Jason, you got a PM.

Edit (Thursday): Jason has cancelled the transaction: "I understand some people have had challenges getting items delivered to you. I don't want this item to get lost, so I've refunded your payment in full."

Alright then. Just today I resolved just another problem regarding a lot that I bought via ebay: It turned out, that it had ended up at the local customs office - without giving me a notice of that. In the end I got it. The same happened to me with Bottle Of Smoke Press. The problem is not me, but GERMAN bureaucracy not working.
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Hi Jason I have a copy of the FBI files it also signed by John Martin of Black Parrow Published and was his supposedly his copy. I bought from the Rare Book Sleuth a few years ago

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