Painting of Charles Bukowski by Victor Pross (1 Viewer)

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Painting of Charles Bukowski by brilliant caricature artist Victor Pross.


"I am fascinated by the man?as both a ?face? and as an artist. "

Victor Pross
Interesting, but truthfully, if you asked me to identify who this was without knowing that it was supposed to be Buk, I would not have guessed.

Anyone else?

whoa. sorry mick, no offense but anyone who thinks his caricatures are 'brilliant' is either blind or a shill.
It sorta looks like a guy I use to work for -- he died

I like living rather than being dead -- being dead -- no sex, no cigs, no drinking, no writing -- living is better -- at least for now
I don't know; I recognized the Bukowski caricature at first site. What's surprising to me is that the artist is both an admirer of Bukowski and also an Objectivist. An Objectivist who enjoys the kinds of characters Bukowski lived with, and was? ... No John Galts in Bukowski's milieu.

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The Ocean Among Us

I can only vote for the nose being Buk like. But that's
like saying there's only a raft of recognition floating in
the overall ocean of this caricature.
agree, the nose and ears are similar...
but that shirt!? That doesn't seem like a 'BUK' shirt!
Looks a bit like JABBA THE HUT...
Also the cigarette (if that's what it's suppose to be) looks like a coner (joint)... Is this illustration included in an upcoming book or available individually?
Are you fucking kidding me? Who, on this site, do you suppose would buy one of these? Hideous. I'd rather donate $17.99 to the upkeep and maintenance of this site. You ARE a shill!
Yes, a shill who also happens to support this site. I was simply answering theeffects' question. Go fuck yourself nymark.
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Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Boo hoo hoo. Poor you.

I hate crap like this that has nothing to do with Bukowski or literature. I hope you end up with a bedroom full of unsold mugs. Idiot.
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