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i remember reading this poem in a collection once. it's killing me i can't find it anywhere.

the poem starts with the character waiting in line for some reason. in front of him is an old woman. she drops her cane or something and he bends to pick it up for her. she smiles at him, and then they both continue to wait in line for whatever.

i absolutely loved this poem. any ideas?

'helping the old' which you'll find in the collection 'You Get So Alone At Times That It Just Makes Sense'.
I know, the category should be renamed, "Ask Hank."

But I guess that could be misconstrued, like we had a Ouija board or magic 8 ball to converse with the dead.

Maybe those Buddhist monks that Bukowski loved so much could help us...
Most people that pop on here to ask about a poem would not know that Buk was called "Hank" by his close friends.

I think that "Ask Hank (Solo)" would be cool.


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