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Poetry broadsides loosely connected to Bukowski (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
For sale here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160355332169

The story of this sale is: Justine and I met a reasonably well-known poet (who will have to remain nameless) at a bookstore who, upon hearing about our press, gave us a big envelope full of a bunch of Sore Dove Press limited edition broadsides. He told us to sell them and count the proceeds as his donation to our well-intentioned start up. I kind of wanted to keep them, both because they're pretty cool (and there are some nice items in here, like a signed Ferlinghetti or a signed Diane di Prima), and also because I like Soheyl, the publisher, and feel kind of weird shilling his stuff on eBay, but I also felt like I should sell them to follow up on the original objective of the guy who gave them to us. So there you go - bid if interested, or if not, just cut out the middle man and buy some Chance Press books!
really? i put them up there and had no idea if they would sell at all... i thought about just doing a $.99 no reserve auction, but the last time i tried that, the book sold for $1.49, and i had to go to all the trouble of packaging it and mailing it for nothing. well, congrats to bill and THANKS for the chance press support (not that you haven't done more than your fair share already!!!).

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