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...to measure any kind of literary work by percentages is more than I am capable of

I'm not scoring the work, just suggesting that the work is not 100% as written by the author whose name is on the cover.

but I guess more than 3500 posts certainly qualifies you for that. Really, no pun intended.

Yes, I'm the quiet one. You know, the worst kind. Do you know what a pun is, or how you intend one should that be your intention?

Now seriously, I'm not an expert on all Buk matters

but strictly in the case of Pulp, can anyone bring some proof of John Martin's misconduct, or to what level he changed the original manuscripts?
What give you that idea? Are you psychic?

Cause even though Buk couldn't finish it, it is still makes it 100% Buk in my eyes.

Can you read the forth line down please?

John rewrote sentences...?

Just lose that question mark and we're golden.
At the risk of giving away too much (or reinforcing any preconceptions); beerbong posts from India, and the BudaStone from Hungary.
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