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Transit - No. 1 - 1993

Bukowski have 6 poems in this edition of the Magazine. One of them is called 'Pulp' and I'd very much like to read it. Maybe I shouldn't be asking, requesting, for things I shouldn't be allow to have it (because I know these Magazines cost money), so it's cool if the answer to this request is negative due to how thoughtless and petty this might be, but does anyone have it to share it with the rest of us, with me. Or are there manuscripts yet to be added in the site and this is one of them?
If we had anything to link to, the links would be in the database results. If someone has that issue they can check it, but I suspect that could be an excerpt from the novel Pulp.

There are hundreds of manuscripts that still have to be added to the site. But none titled "pulp."
It is an excerpt from the novel. Interestingly, it's listed in Transit as Chapter 45, but it's actually Chapter 44 (Transit came out before the novel) and there are some (very) minor differences. For example, Belane describes himself as 50 in the Transit excerpt but 55 in the novel.

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