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Tucked in the back of an old book I discovered a poorly typed letter dated April 29, 1984 addressed to an "Andrews." The author I am presuming, is Charles Bukowski. In it he discusses his work in progress - Barfly - which despite a belief that it "won't sell," will "someday singe the panties off of Hollywood." He also makes rather colorful reference to Updike, Hemingway, and Mailer. The signature block includes a felt tipped pen signed "Buk-." Are there any Bukowski scholars out there who can tell me who Andrews is/might have been?


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Bukowski wrote thousands of letters, and this sounds like pretty standard stuff, so "Andrews" could be anyone.

That's a pretty decent find though, no matter who it's addressed to.


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There's an Andrews who published an interview in 1990, but according to my notes the interview was "conducted circa 1980". I think that's your man.

Andrews, Michael, "Charles Bukowski." Onthebus, no. 5 (Spring 1990): 162-176.
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I read that interview recently, it's not reprinted elsewhere so I'm trying to get permission to put it up. Also the Stonecloud interview in its entirety (part of it - a quarter maybe? - is on Dullaghan's site).

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