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Rest In Peace the 12 victims. The killers called their names before they shot them to death.
It looks like the French police have identified the three terrorists and have arrested one of them. They left their ID cards in their getaway car (how intelligent).

Great drawing, bukfan.

Nex week they'll print 1 million CH's, instead of 60.000 copies.
Je Suis Charlie. Keep it going, FUCK HATE also survived.
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Crumb's Mohamid Bakhsh can't be the long diseased poet of a similar name. Great drawing though! I can't blame him for covering his ass the way he does in the drawing since he lives in France and would be an easy target for terrorists if he was more outspoken about what happened.
That is a beautiful blend of honesty and solidarity.
But hey, a movie producer?
I think he's more like a poet:


Now we know Crumb was hinting at Ralph Bakshi:

"Then I thought, “OK, I’m the Cowardly Cartoonist…As a Cowardly Cartoonist, I can’t make some glib comment like that, you know? I have to, like, make fun of myself. So instead of drawing the face of Muhammed [laughs], I drew the ass of Muhammed. [Laughs.] But then I had myself saying, in small lettering, “Actually, this is the ass of my friend of Mohamid Bakshi, who’s a film director in Los Angeles, California.” [Mr. Crumb is referencing Ralph Bakshi, the director of animated films including Fritz the Cat and the Lord of the Rings.]"
Thanks, Erik! This is the cover of Charlie Hebdo which is for sale on Wednesday. The text says, "Tout est pardonné", which has a double meaning, either "Everything is forgiven", or, "Everything gets excused". No doubt, the double meaning is on purpose.

Here's Crumb's second drawing about the Charlie Hebdo massacre. It hints at his other drawing (Mohamid's ass), which have already been posted here.


Zineb el Rhazoui, above, was a journalist on Charlie Hebdo since 2011. She was away when the attack occurred. Now lives under death threats. She was invited to speak at the University of Chicago in March,Watched it last night, here is the full video

One of the things she said was, that criticizing or satirizing the Islam is not racism. That seems to be quite obvious, you would think, but for some people it is not.
Jesus and Christianity have been satirized in millions of cartoons, books and movies, nobody gives a shit, we laugh about it, with good reason, but when it comes to the Islam, we are supposed to shut up. That's crazy.
Luckily Zineb El Rhazoui does not shut up.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read an account of her visit in the University Student Newspaper, by a student present at the talk who felt she wasn't in a "safe space" to voice her " minority view" when saying she did not support Hebdo's right to offend. Followed by another student defending the first as follows;

[...Not only was this response irrelevant to Tineh’s question, it was also an unnecessary personal attack on Tineh’s bravery. El Rhazoui did not appear concerned about ensuring that others felt safe enough to express dissenting opinions, and the organizers and moderators gave someone in a relative position of power—El Rhazoui—free pass to make condescending attacks on a member of the University, making it more difficult for other members who felt marginalized to freely voice their opinion without fear of dismissal...]

Again their main argument seems to be that Hebdo and Zineb are attacking vulnerable minorities and are racist. How can things get so bent out of shape.

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