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Hi everyone
I am currently studying american literature and I am about to write a thesis about Bukowski. I am going to work on his refusal of conventions (social and literary) and I'd like your opinion about it, do you think it is a good approach or is it absolute bullshit?
And if you had any recommendations on critical works on Bukowski I would be pleased to get your advices.
Thanks already
You're welcome
Have a great and wonderful day.
I know for a proven fact that for sure it was rumoured that Bukowski hated Shriners massage therapist and Ladder day Saint conventions-something about the hats I think.
All right, thanks for your answers. I will give a try at Charles Charlson's book I think.
As for Jimmy Snerp, I am afraid I didn't get your reply (excuse me I am French and still have troubles with my understanding).

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