San Francisco Review No. 8 1961 "Candidate Middle Of Left-Right Center," "Face While Shaving," "The Best Way To Get Famous Is To Run Away" (1 Viewer)



This version of "Face While Shaving" is different from the one in Madrigals:
--contains the line "out of buried cities;" following "dumb ape wonder"
--contains the line "from a swamp" following "like a plea"



"The Best Way To Get Famous Is To Run Away" is different too, but The Roominghouse Madrigals version matches a 1962 reading. So Bukowski changed it after this publication.

If he revised that one, he may have changed "Face While Shaving" too...
I never got around to comparing "The Best Way To Get Famous..." but I like your line of thinking concerning "Face..."

But I really want to thank you, mjp, for tipping me off to the 1962 recording. That's one area of Buk where I'm really clueless--the available audio. Someday I need to investigate those. I only have the Bellvue VHS tape. I can't recall if this recording was mentioned in the Cherkovski, Sounes or Calonne books (I don't have them handy).

Looks like the CD is still available on the Pacifica Radio Archives. $17.95. This will be mine... I love the early Buk.
Every known recording is listed here.

Most of the audio is there as well, with the exception of the Black Sparrow reel to reel tape, which was never released in any other format, those that never saw the light of day, and the handful of things that are still commercially available.

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