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Scarlet (1 Viewer)

That guy is going to have trouble selling anything without pictures.

I know, book sellers have sold through mailers without pictures for 100 years, but on eBay - it's a tough sell with no images.
It is a very bad time to sell anything on ebay. The economy in this country is bad. The stock market is up, but the average person's pay is the same as it was 6 years ago. Costys have risen, but salaries have not. There was nothing like the good old days of ebay before 2001....

Also, did you notice that "Cupcakes" was bidding on the copy of "Scarlet". I heard that she sold her copy years ago....

My understanding is that she tries to buy up every issue that comes on the market and already owns several copies. Funny how the rumor mill can state two opposing stories, each seeming perfectly logical.
If I remember correctly, a copy inscribed to her was sold a few years ago. Is that what you're talking about Bill?

I've pointed her to this forum, so maybe one day she'll come in and say hello.

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