Should i read something of Céline before read Pulp? (1 Viewer)

Hi i have been looking this forum but i never join because english is not my language, but i want to ask you something.
Somebody lend me Pulp but i dont know how much references about Céline works it have, so i have Journey to the End of the Night, you recommend me to read Céline book first or not?
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No, you don't have to read Céline first, because there's no real references to his work in Pulp.
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as Bukfan has it.
He isn't referencing any of Célines work there, only the person.

I personally found 'Journey' an unpleasant read, maybe due to a bad translation. Think it's more interesting to read, what Bukowski said ABOUT Céline (e.g. in the letters) than reading Céline himself.
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