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Just a half drunk muse here, please forgive my cackling, but....I have been looking around the net for signed stuff (Cheap signed stuff!!) and just got to thinking, krype! how many times, and how much time did this man spend autographing things?! seems to me it must of been a hellava amount, 3100 on "crucifix" alone, and I really can't imagine a total on all the rest for 30 odd (?) yrs. hell probably longer than that. I had to sign about 500 membership cards once a year for a few years and just that was greuling. and of course many of his sig's also had a drawing. to me this is quite amazing. Is it common for an artist to sign this much stuff? or is Buk an exception?.... oh shit,I think I lost the cork,,damn, I'm just gonna have to finish this bottle .......


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Despite his occasional protests to the contrary, Bukowski would sign pretty much anything you put in front of him.
Which is to say he was gracious and incredibly patient.
The Loujon books and Black Sparrow books would have been an almighty effort.

Almost everything I have of his is signed and then there are all the (uncalled for) doodles and paintings...
One must assume he brought his Germanic work ethic to the task.

He does write (I can't remember which letters book it's in) that the paintings for the limited editions just got too much... That the 'factory line' approach to the endeavor sucked the joy out of painting for him. So there are none after.... What? War all the time?
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