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Signed/illustrated "Screams from the Balcony" on ebay (1 Viewer)

it's SO RARE! I should have made a bigger deal about how it's the RAREST OF THE RARE!

I love this book, but I'm selling off some books to stockpile money for a gift for Rubyred.
I just won a couple cool books on the latest PBA auction. One was a very nice copy of "It Catches My Heart In It's Hands". I paid $250 for it. Good deal! Now the signature page was removed by some heathen, but it is still worth $250 (to me anyway).

Talk about RARE. 777 copies were produced but probably only a handful had the signature pages removed! Ha!
Here's a fun fact about that book. Do you see that tipped-in signature page? Nice, neat signature, isn't it? Well, this is from a stash of signed pages that Martin had Bukowski sign early in his career with Black Sparrow. They were put aside for later use. If you look at any of Bukowski's signatures from around the same time this book was published, you'll see that it was already a big mess.

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