Siskel and Ebert review Barfly (1987) - YouTube Video (1 Viewer)

Thank you Jeremy, That was my first introduction to Bukowski. (1987) The edge comes through with another winner.
I meant to find that.
Thanx for this. I still have yet to see the film,(but MAN o' MAN!) I want to. It was great to see Siskel and Ebert together again. I really miss those guys, a match made in Heaven,or Hell, depending on ones perspective. Awsome stuff Dude, THANX!CRB
I'm sure you can find it on google videos.
Delete this if the Bukowski family is recieving profit from the Barfly sales... That's if it is even to be bought new anymore. From what I've heard It has never been put to dvd and I doubt VHS's are still in business.
Barfly DVD

Not true. I purchased the dvd on amazon has to be about 4 of 5 years ago. It was as if a window of opportunity opened up and I was lucky enough to be searching for the disk when they were accepting pre-orders. I don't understand why it is out of print. There is obviously a market out there for it. I am expecting a blue ray edition sometime in the near future.

Along those same lines, were you aware that Barbet Schroeder makes a cameo appearance in "The Darjeeling Limited"?

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