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So i've listed some items on Ebay... (1 Viewer)

The only thing I can do is list them - oh, people will look, gawk, but... there'll be that moment, however small... maybe I'll get someone's interest.

p.s. - and I think I'm being actually a bit frugal, considering the slobbering that happened when I showed these to the girl at Powell's Books here in the Chi.

We'll see.

Yep, a bit high and the listing is very confusing. On auction #1, are there (2) signed copies of Pulp? The listing seems to say so, but maybe it is a 1st trade and signed. Still, the photo shows 5 books and the listing mentions seven...

p.s. - and I think I'm being actually a bit frugal, considering the slobbering that happened when I showed these to the girl at Powell's Books here in the Chi.

We'll see.


Good luck indeed.....
Let me know if your gal at Powell's slobbers when you tell her how much you'd like after these don't sell.
Sorry, and I don't know as much about the audio stuff, but
Man, this is a buyers market (has been for a while actually)
and it's been getting worse;
sellers are having a hard time even offering low low prices
(and that your prices are not (even close to)).

Still of course I wish you luck but if you're trying to be cheap
(not even posting extra pics)
you ought to revise and start the bidding really really low
and have a reasonable reserve that you're willing to accept,
and maybe I'm totally off, but if you started all 3 at a buck
and your reserve was your current opening bid,
I would bet you a 6 pack that all go unsold and you end up just paying e-bay for the listings...
Again, good luck (and my taste in beer is not expensive)
powell's chicago had a #'d edition of pulp (w/silkscreen) for $425 the last time i was there. add - best case scenario - $100 for the #'d night torn mad, and $75 each for the two first editions and post office (which fetches a pretty high price in hardcover), and you're at $750... but that's paying bookstore retail for each volume, not eBay-during-a-recession prices.

i would be surprised if this lot sells at $700, but i've been surprised plenty of times before when I said the same thing. my guess would be $450.
I would add that selling lots like these limits buyers. They may have one or two and don't want to pay for a lot that is full of replicates. I know it's a hassle and a money-sink to list individually, but sales are more likely this way.

And I bought a nice copy of Pulp, signed with seriagraph print, for about $200 a year or so ago (ebay), before this economic melt-down.
I would add that selling lots like these limits buyers.
That's probably the most important point that's been raised. You will always do better listing books, especially relatively expensive books, singly. Most buyers will be interested in one of the books in your lots and will be inclined to wait until they see that book up for auction by itself.

You can get away with lots when you're dealing with cheaper common stuff, but it really hurts you with things like this.
Oh, well, someone out there will buy it, and to them it will be a good deal.

There only fucking books...!

Besides, I want them out of my house and I'm willing to wait and am willing to make someone pay dearly for it.

The prices are good, fuck the whiny excuses (economy, I've already got 90 copies, waah waah waah).
The prices are not good. Sorry. I hope that you find a buyer. We are trying to help you, but at these prices, you need to find someone that does not realize that they could buy these all for less from a ABAA bookseller.

look, this isn't some antiques roadshow bullshit. how do you define "good" when you insist that the prices are good? they are not good - you can get the entire lot off of abebooks.com for less money. plain and simple, they are not good prices. if you find a buyer at that price, then your buyer was not a well-informed buyer and they overpaid for your merchandise. hey, it happens sometimes, and if you can find someone that will pay those prices, then more power to you. but you were defensive from your first post in this thread, so don't act like we're all needling you over good prices when you know they're pretty high.
I'm just trying to dump the things, you know?

I've got over 100 boks, etc to get rid of here, and I'm trying to make a good profit here, not just get by.

If I find a buyer, fine.

I'm not defensive, I just don't care all that much if I do sell them or not, all I know is I'm warming my financial hands over the rotting (and somewhat now expensive) work of a drunk guy who was a mediocre storyteller at best, now that I've re-read a lot of his stuff.

Since my reading has evolved up, I'm looking at yet another successful failure - and why not make money over it?

It's as American as White people systematically destroying and killing off the peaceful the Indian for his land and calling it "manifest destiny," you know?

Making money off your lessers is right, and true.

p.s. - while some of you precious snowflakes may find the American Indian comment "racist," please understand that out there right now, in the American West, someone's great grandfather killed my great grandparents with a rifle, or with an axe, so if you're offended, let it go.
Wow! What an idiot. Your prices are too high and instead of accepting that, you lash out like a fucking baby.

Go away.
so your selling strategy, if i can call it that, is as follows:

go onto a forum of bukowski collectors with a lot of not-very-rare books, and alert the collectors to the sale of your collection. before they even click the link to your auction, make sure to tell them that they're getting a great price. respond that one person at one bookstore "salivated" over the books when defending your very high price, and then accuse the people you're advertising to of making excuses on why your prices actually are unrealistic. then, under further pressure, let everyone know that bukowski isn't a very good writer in the first place and that you just want to get rid of them, so long as you find a sucker who's dumb enough about loving mediocre bukowski to net you a nice profit.

fuck man, if you were selling everything for $50, i still wouldn't buy from you. you're a dick.
Any the average reader does not amass 100 items including little mags with Buk appearances. He is trying very hard to get a reaction from this forum.

Maybe he'll get lucks with his auctions of books at twice the value. It is possible that he'll find a sucker that wants to pay $900 for $450 worth of books.

Jaded people lash out to try to connect with the masses, and forget they are jaded.

We offer sound advice, and get treated like garbage. Not the first or last time that'll happen.
great thread. love the way he starts off saying prices are good/fair etc. then ends up admitting he's just trying to gouge some sucker.
if he wanted to rip somebody off, he came to the wrong place. some newbies might be a little green behind the ears but most of us know better.
Man, this dude is hardcore, coming in and saying Bukowski was mediocre at best. Wow. Anyway, seems like he's generating another category for Forum Fauna.

The auctions also ended, with no bids of course.
I was going to make a helpful suggestion on how to better attract bids, but the rant made me realize I'd rather not help in this case.
He would not take your advice.

We have tried to tell him that he is wasting his time and money listing these in this way, but he just gets pissed off. The fact is that he should sell them to the bookstore employee that "drooled" over them. There is nothing in any of these lost that are drool-worthy. If he found someone that is that impressed by these RARE books, then he should sell them.

Why would someone spend all that money on collecting fancy harcovers of an author they have such a low opinion of? I can guess at an answer.

Now he broke one book out and listed it on ebay at 10% higher than they sell at full retail from Booksellers.

Remember, we are in a recession. For the most part, you should expect to get maybe 60% of the comparable value of the book from selling on ebay these days. I'm not sure why anyone would buy a book at 110% of the value from an unknown seller when they could buy it for less from a well kown seller with guarantees....
Starting at $450? it's got nowhere to go but up. I'd like to watch this auction during the final 20 seconds.
Unless he can find someone who likes overspending, it will go nowhere in the last 20 seconds.

If he started it at $300, it may have a bid or two, but at $450, it is above the value of the book.

...ah-ha! So that's how you put off the bidding competition huh Bill? :D
ha! Yep, I love spending an extra $100 for a book from a guy who insults us when I could save money and support people like Maser!

For a guy who once said

"I'd feel better tossing it into the trash."

He keeps putting them up lower each time in a desperate attempt to sell them. By the time he finally sells them, he will have paid so much is fees, that he would have been better off giving them away... I wonder what ever happened to the girl at the bookstore who "drooled" over these books....




If only he had listened to us and not been a dick when we were trying to help him....

No bids so far. He could easily sell those hard covers if he tried to sell them separately.
I would'nt mind buying his Krumhansl if the price was right, but I'm not going to buy the 6 other books to get it, especially not since I already have most of them.
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