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So i've listed some items on Ebay... (1 Viewer)

That is what we tried to tell him, but it only made him angry to hear that. Soooo, he'll keep dropping the price and pay ebay a ton of money to prove us right. He could have sold Krumhansl for $50 and "beerspit" for at least $50, but selling them as a set of 7 books, he will be lucky to get 125 for them... Maybe now is the time for his to try to sell them to the drooling bookstore employee...

That's right, Bill. Maybe he'll finally sell them separately when he realizes his lots don't get any bids.
If he wants to sell in lots then it has to be at bargain prices.
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Yeah the Krumhansl could be a nice steal if it were seperated... Hell, had I the money I probably would jump on that one lot... But that's the problem, isn't it? Not much of that to be had.
agreed. I suspect that is the reason that he is not getting a bid on the $150 price for the 7 books, which is almost what they are worth when you total them all up at full bookseller prices.


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