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Percentage of visitors by country:

61.36 United States
5.89 United Kingdom
5.26 Canada
2.07 Sweden
2.05 Brazil
1.97 Australia
1.95 Germany
1.32 Russian Fedr
1.09 France
0.98 Italy
0.96 Spain
0.96 Denmark
0.88 Finland
0.73 Ukraine
0.71 Portugal
0.67 Serbia
0.67 Norway
0.65 Poland
0.63 Greece
0.61 Netherlands
0.59 Romania
0.52 Turkey
0.48 Israel
0.46 Mexico
0.40 Bulgaria
0.38 Japan
0.36 Hungary
0.34 Argentina
0.31 India
0.31 Austria
0.29 New Zealand
0.29 Ireland
0.27 United Arab Emr
0.25 Czech Republic
0.25 Belgium
0.21 Croatia
0.19 Colombia
0.15 South Africa
0.15 Slovakia
0.15 Switzerland
0.13 China
0.13 Bosnia and ...
0.10 Slovenia
0.10 Philippines
0.10 Macedonia,...
0.10 Costa Rica
0.08 Saudi Arabia
0.08 Pakistan
0.08 European Union
0.06 Venezuela
0.06 Singapore
0.06 Puerto Rico
0.06 Lithuania
0.06 Hong Kong
0.06 Estonia
0.04 Peru
0.04 Malaysia
0.04 Mauritius
0.04 Montenegro
0.04 Latvia
0.04 Kazakhstan
0.04 Iran
0.04 Chile
0.04 Belarus
0.04 Anonymous Proxy

Percentage of visitors by city:

2.66 Unknown
1.87 Los Angeles, CA (US)
1.78 New York, NY (US)
1.09 São Paulo (BR)
1.01 London (GB)
0.73 Indianapolis, IN (US)
0.69 Bronx, NY (US)
0.67 Linkäping (SE)
0.63 Chicago, IL (US)
0.59 Moscow (RU)
0.59 Brooklyn, NY (US)
0.57 Philadelphia, PA (US)
0.57 Melbourne (AU)
0.48 Tucson, AZ (US)
0.46 Tampa, FL (US)
0.46 Sydney (AU)
0.46 San Diego, CA (US)
0.46 Portland, OR (US)
0.46 Lafayette, IN (US)
0.46 Denver, CO (US)
0.44 San Francisco, CA (US)
0.44 Austin, TX (US)
0.42 Montreal (CA)
0.42 Boston, MA (US)
0.42 Belgrade (RS)
0.40 Washington, DC (US)
0.40 Vancouver (CA)
0.40 Tulsa, OK (US)
0.40 Palm Desert, CA (US)
0.40 Copenhagen (DK)
0.40 Albuquerque, NM (US)
0.38 Seattle, WA (US)
0.36 Stockholm (SE)
0.36 Saint Louis, MO (US)
0.36 Detroit, MI (US)
0.36 Columbus, OH (US)
0.36 Baltimore, MD (US)
0.34 Sacramento, CA (US)
0.31 Helsinki (FI)
0.29 Sofia (BG)
0.29 San Jose, CA (US)
0.29 Birmingham (GB)
0.27 Gäteborg (SE)
0.25 Richmond, VA (US)
0.25 Amherst, MA (US)
0.21 Saint Petersburg (RU)
0.21 Monroeville, PA (US)
0.21 Kalamazoo, MI (US)
0.19 Columbia, MO (US)
0.17 Santa Monica, CA (US)
0.17 Peoria, IL (US)
0.17 Hemet, CA (US)
0.15 San Luis Obispo, CA (US)
0.15 Burlington, VT (US)
0.15 Brighton (GB)
0.13 South Hadley, MA (US)
0.13 Sibiu (RO)
0.13 Marquette, MI (US)
0.13 Corvallis, OR (US)
0.13 Arvada, CO (US)
0.10 Napoleon, OH (US)
0.10 Moyock, NC (US)

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i visit the site at least 5 times a day and Dover is not even on the list, but Sofia, Bulgaria is? Maybe i'm lumped in with Baltimore or Philly, but Dover is the capital of the first state. We deserve a little respect!

fuck Bulgaria!


p.s. I see that the USA rules....
My current city of Portland, OR is on there, but the couple of older areas in OR and MA aren't. Probably been too long since I've lived in those apartments. Or maybe they're too small to show up. Interesting, especially in the number of countries that have visited. Think you're being investigated by anyone?
Well, I wasn't bored before.
Mission accomplished!

These stats are for the entire site, not just the forum, which might explain things like São Paulo ranking relatively high when (as far as I know) we don't have any active Brazilians on the forum.

And fuck Bulgaria! Yes.
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consider me bored, but man, that's some interesting stuff. I only wish I'd found earlier than I did. I visited Ireland and Italy many times between 2000-2006 and everytime would run into, or speak to someone that had heard of Buk. So pretty cool to see them representing. then you know, here's jackass bam margera reading buk in Dubai!

I find these things interesting, actually. Stats that surprised me- 54% male, I know there's many ladies here but Buk is known as a "guy's writer." 11% Hispanic- I'm a little surprised. 25% make over 100k!-very surprised and 42% no college, I've got a year but thought I was in the minority here since youse guys are so smart!
The "0.67 Linkäping (SE)" ought to be entirely because of me. Can't imagine another bukophile in the 120,000 population of Linkäping. That's hilarious. A bit surprising too that Sweden beats Germany. Thought the Germans were crazy 'bout Buk.
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mjp: I'm guessing there are enough visitors to the site on any given day and enough cities represented that it would take more than one visitor per city to show up on the stats at all. In other words, if you (or me, or whoever) were the only person from your city visiting, the percentage would be below 0.10 -- say 0.05 or whatever. Given the average number of visitors over a period of time and the total number of unique cities, this could probably be figured out. I do this kind of shit at work, so my brain just goes in that direction. Not boring.
are the city stats based on IP addresses? meaning one visitor could use his home PC, his laptop, work computer, etc., thereby increasing 'unique' visitor stats?

and what about 'crawl' or bot IPs? are they counted? which might explain Linkäping. it's home to Roxen, a web content management firm.
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These stats are from a joint called Quantcast, and they measure the same way Google analytics does - that is, you put a little javascript code in the header of your pages and when someone hits the site that javascript sends info back to quantcast.

So it is not completely accurate, no stats that "reverse measure" like that are. I tried Google analytics way back when and found that it reported about half the traffic the raw server logs did. So accuracy isn't the strong suit of these things. But the demographic data is something you can't get from raw server logs, so that's why people use them.

All the location data is based on IP, yes, which is also not completely accurate. We got a new block of IPs at work late last year and a bunch of customers started to complain that they were being "geolocated" in Washington D.C., while the servers are in Irvine, CA. So take all the info with a grain of salt. As the kids say.
That's all likely based on the (assumed) geographic location of the IP address. So if your IP address is in Beverly Hills, they take what they know about Beverly Hills and apply it to that visit. Then they average all those assumptions out for a guess. ;)

But it's going to be close, because that kind of geographical classification is generally pretty accurate.
I see! Beverly Hills is an easy one, but what about say, Andernach, Germany, or Bergen, Norway? They would have to know which neighborhoods in those towns are affluent and which are poor. Funny, how those demographic data are so precise, considering all the variables. It seems like educated guesses goes a long way. :)
But it's going to be close, because that kind of geographical classification is generally pretty accurate.

I don't doubt the relative accuracy of those stats in general, and it might be close if the stats were being used to model who is using, for example, Google, but to apply average stats for a geographical area to a website that has a more targeted audience than does Google is statistically meaningless. I realize that I'm treading on a potentially slippery slope, but my point is that I don't believe that the average person from Cleveland, Miami, Dublin or Bucharest even knows who Bukowski was. So how can the stats for the average person apply to a site dedicated to someone the average person has never heard of?
Well, they can't.

But the people who come here live in places that can be demographically mapped. And they fall within those demographics, somewhere. There's a lot of data out there about regions, neighborhoods, and all that. Realtors rely on it, advertisers rely on it, it's generally accurate. But your point about the people here perhaps not being demographically average is a good one.
I notice Albuquerque on there..and there's probably only one reason for that...congrats Hosh on getting ABQ listed...even Bill couldn't get Dover listed. Next up, putting ABQ on the top!!!!
Hemet is on there and probably because I visited from about 6 different computers from this town. I doubt there are very many more people here in Hemet that visit this site.

Interesting that there are 46% female.
I wondered how Hemet got on the list. I've been to Hemet and it doesn't exactly make me say "I bet Bukowski would love this place." Lots of old people in old cars running into each other in interesections out in the California desert. Hot and dry. My friend there got a dent on the fender of his Plymouth Valiant and after five years no rust. There is no moisture in the air. Stay hydrated, Gerard.
The Scientologists will keep him hydrated. That's their universal home base you know. Where do you go after bilking tens of thousands of people for millions of (tax free) dollars? Hemet!
Actually, the Scientologists are in San Jacinto, about 6 miles north of here.

Hemet may be on the list because there are many writers out here- obscure screen writers, you know, the ultra eccentric penny pinchers who live in mobile homes between large rocks with a yard full of dogs and cats.
Never played it but every time I drive up Gillman Springs Rd I lay on the horn as I pass their gates. Perhaps that has something to do with them trying to close the road through there.

You know now that I think about it they may be visiting due to the many references about them on this forum. That explains the burning bag of dog shit on my porch a while back.
Speaking of personal milestones, I made my 5000th post recently. That's an average of 3.15 posts per day. I guess I must have too much spare time on my hands. :)
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Yeah, someone will turn ten soon too. Like 10,000 posts, holy shit that's a lot of writing and that's a lot of pitching the bums out to the cyber curb. Thanks for that.

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