Sometimes When I Feel Blue I listen to Mahler (1 Viewer)

Just got some Kauris and this is from January/Feb 1967

Kauri 18 Jan.1967.jpg
Glad you like them! Some great lines in there I think..... "and/sometimes when I get blue I listen to Mahler/or read a little Artaud/or I go out in the yard where they have this turtle...." His beautifully mad imagination at full throttle in some of the poems of the mid-Sixties...
thanks for all the Kauri scans, David!!!

Yeah baby! Thanks for sharing all these! You rule!

(just one thing for future consideration: picture-files should not be titled with spaces [ ] or dots . or ! in the document-name. Better use underscores _ or - instead of spaces.)
From the first one:

agreed David, some nice lines in there.
Good work.
Wish I had your job... :D
The first one is great.
I feel a bit Black Sparrow-contaminated at the moment, so reading some pure Bukowski is really balm for the soul.

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