Speaking of Drinking... - Gypsy #3, 1985 (1 Viewer)

Appeared in the third issue of Gypsy magazine, edited by Belinda Subraman & S. Ramnath in Schwabach, Germany in 1985.


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and for some reason I
waved to the officer yes - the best! This is how I like my Jim Beam:

I've just realized, that I did NOT miss it, but failed to thank you marina!
or at least, I didn't tell you so (as I always feel thankful, when something like this is posted).

And I too have learned the word "imbibing" back then - but didn't we have another thread, where we've discussed this in large? Maybe the one about 'old words' we learned through Hank (like 'Moxie')? Not sure here.

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