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Well, when I lived in Venice in the early 80's there were a lot of V13 gang members around. One of them told me that it meant you had done time. That was more than 20 years ago, of course, and tattoos are more mainstream now, so maybe it has taken on other meanings, or lost its meaning. I don't know what it signifies for Father Luke. I was just surprised that someone didn't bring up that it may have represented something. Or maybe they knew and they just kept quiet about it. In retrospect, that's probably what I should have done.


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Ha ha, now that I've actually LOOKED at my finances, $100 to Buk stuff (5 books of poetry, 1 book of prose, 3 matchbooks, and a pamphlet) and the rest... Pffft, groceries, diapers, and other various things.

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Nothing really cryptic about my tattoo, and
I don't mind talking about it if you are curious.

The spider web on my elbow arose out of my
frustration. I had been stuck in some life situations
for quite a number of years, and felt I wasn't
making any progress. Hence, the symbolism of
the spiderweb. Like I hadn't moved in all that time.

There are four layers - hence four years.

The jail house symbolism is varied. It either means you
have done that amount of time, or you killed a cop. Of
course I don't follow rules, so tattoo symbolism for me
is what I want it to symbolize.

The FTW stands for free the whales.
Well, that's what I tell my six year old niece. . . ;)


"Feed The World" (like the 80's Band-Aid slogan)
"Filter The Weirdness"
"Fornicate To Wagner"
"Ferrying Towards Wilmington"
"Feakishly Tiny Warts"

gotta be one of these....
If the US coughs, Mexico gets a heart attack,
besides the Mexican culture is to gunhoe with bad catholicim, bad american Idol look a likes, and corruption, Ill try to share some pics of the lated shoot downs....
My buddy is gettin married and said he's going to spend it on his Canada. I laughed my balls off, but he's not the brightest and didn't know why it was funny. I had too explain that it won't stimulate the american economy. Far too often I'm the only one who gets the joke. Lonely.

I think the package is insulting. After all, the gov't is responsible for fucking up the economy to begin with. And they give a consolation prize out. Its like a man beating the piss out of his wife, then wanting a medal because he drove her to the hospital. "I take care of my woman."
Just got mine yesterday. I bought Pulp, and 2 Fante books (softcovers all). The rest goes to catch up on the mortage. Gobbless America. . .


Haven't seen mine yet. I'm assuming it will be $300.00, as I'm single with no kids. Mine will be spent on camping equipment for a vacation in July. However I heard a news report today about delays in processing the payments, due to "computer glitches and human error". Sounds like everybody's workplace, doesn't it ?


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it depends on how much money that you claimed to have made in '07. I'm self employed and had enough deductions to bring my net earnings below $3000 also single with no dependants. so all of this brought my stimulas check down to $300 instead of $600. damned if you do, damned.....etc. it was either pay the tax's or less govt. handout... sometimes it just dosen't make sense to be your own boss.


Yeah - as I understand it, singles with no dependents are eligible for between $300.00 and $600.00

Not sure about the brackets and shelters and exemptions and etc...I JUST WANT CAMPING EQUIPMENT !!! :D