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could be interesting to gather all the infos that we collected over the years on bookstores and libraries that have Buk on this list (incl the sources). Would make for cool statistics (though obviously not representative).
This has been the case for well over a decade; likely much longer. The odd thing is that when I lived about a half mile from Harvard Square, I checked all the bookstores in the Square (back 15 years ago, there were many), and every store kept Buk behind the counter. But every other bookstore I went to, including Borders, B&N, etc., had Buk out in the general shelving areas.
Every year at inventory time, we're missing 3-5 books. Not a lot, but a bit outside the norm for Poetry.

The worst was one year we lost two hardcover copies of The Night Torn Mad With Footsteps. That was a whopper. For poetry.
I started reading Bukowski at a university library in 2012. A year later many of his books had disappeared from the shelves.

It wouldn't surprise me if someone is stealing old and/or rare books simply to sell them to bidders online.
His books aren't too hard to find in these days of the internet. Are people so broke that they have to steal him? Wouldn't it be better to leave him in the libraries and if you gotta steal, steal from a chain store?
The biographers wrote that Buk hated it when fans presented copies stolen from libraries, as that was how he read a lot of books when you was younger. I'd rather pay a small amount for a 2nd hand copy of a BSP edition than steal a new Ecco edition. (Not that I steal but you know what I mean...)

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