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Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I'm the one who fucking wrote it mothet fucker!... Wait, sorry, what does that weird quote mean? Oh shit, maybe I didn't come up with that one. My apologies.. I will revise my eBay art project... By the way, Fire Alarm books are still important.
I have a pigeon tattooed on my arm. I spent three years thinking about it, then had to wait four months on a waiting list for the tattooist I had chosen to defile my milky white flesh.

We're like friends now, the pigeon and me. Everywhere I go, he goes. We've been together four years and each day I look at him in the mirror and he looks at me and I know it was meant to be.

The pigeon can't leave me. Not ever.

Not like my daddy.

Or that girl.

Or my dog.

Just me and the pigeon. Forever.
And ever.
DAMN, that Looney Tunes one takes the cake...but cunt puncher, really?? The hulkster across the back must really turn some heads at the beach, haha!


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Sometimes you think a tattoo is horrible, but then you find out it's spot-on...


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