The Charles Bukowski Museum? (1 Viewer)

Or a mobile museum that goes from bar to bar and to whatever racetrack is open.

There we go!

Re-read the 'notes' from page 65 on, where he states:

"then, I'd change the museums. there is nothing as depressing or quite or stinky as a museum. [...] first off, I'd install a rock-band, a swing-band and a symphony band for each floor, [...] can't you see a guy and his wife, each a beer in hand, looking at the sabre-tooth ..." - I LOVE it!
Hey Chronic! Why don't we scrap the "two car" idea and have a Buk Museum in a bar with his old cars as booths. Are there any bars in the U.S. with Buk as its theme? If not, why not? Like you clingfoil, I love this space!
Museum? Why? His works live on and that is a museum enough. Also what would you put in the museum, old shirts? Empty beer bottles? Old used cigs? Pictures of the chicks he did? Or signs that point to bed he did them on. Maybe some of his paintings if you can find them. If you want to get close to buk go to his grave and just sit and think. Very relaxing! If you want to honor buk get others to read his works and get those people to pass it on, and on and on. This is how to best remember buk.What if you gave a museum and nobody came? Better yet, how about a bumper sticker - "I would rather be reading Buk". Maybe this website is the best tribute. And this is just my opinion and I do not mean to offend anybody.

Couldn't agree more. The man's legacy is in his work and not found on some money grubbing tour through a dull home in San Pedro. Sorry, I'm just not interested in seeing the toilet where Buk took one of his famous beer shits.
I had a chance to steal all or part of the toilet located in the DeLongpre apt. but it had a chance of not being the actual toilet. I had buyers for it.

If you are going to be a fan go all the way not just half way like my weak ass.

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