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Anyone knows who's the poet B talks about in "the end of an era" (page 149 from Come On In!)???? I'm curious about that.

It's a nice leftover from You Get So Alone, I guess ... damn, I still don't understand why Martin refused to date the poems...
I assume he didn't want people to think they were paying for old merchandise. ;) Only geeks want to know the dates anyway. Heh.
except for the murder, the poem sounds like it's about Joe Gould. a sometimes poet, rarely published, who was known as more of a character. he claimed to be writing a huge work titled An Oral History of Our Time. but after his death only a few notes were found. some claimed it was hidden somewhere in one of his old haunts, but never turned up. Joseph Mitchell, the excellent New Yorker writer, was one who thought the work existed, but when it wasn't found he felt cheated by Gould who had become a friend of sorts. he wrote a scathing tyrade against Gould and although he stayed on with the New Yorker, he hardly wrote again, even tough he lived for decades after.
Ross Wetzsteon called Gould "the last of the last bohemians."
There's also a movie about Joe Gould. Saw it on tv...
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weird.... I was just thinking about that movie a few minutes ago, was reading a poem "the end of an era" in "come on in" and wondering if this was written about gould, just couldn't remember his name or the movie title, thanks guys! good timing. PS. Bukfan, did you notice the # of your last post?
shit! shuda read the top of this thread before making stupid post.... I'm only this dumb sometimes.... I think. (or not)
PS. Bukfan, did you notice the # of your last post? I did'nt. Thanks for telling me! Now, where's my tri-fork and cape? Ah, yes, they're on the floor, next to my tail...:D
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