Something Charles was trying to say toward the end of "The Last Straw" (1 Viewer)

I watched The Last Straw a few days ago and He was talking to the audience and mentioned that '"They" are trying to make it hard for people to do anything'. Then he goes on to mention not being able to fix a flat tire and said 'Something's going on'.
Does anyone know what he was getting at? The New World Order? The Illuminati? Or am I totally off here.
In many cases, it's hard to pin down what Buk might be railing against. That's a good thing in my book. I don't want to be spoon-fed a message, I want raw guts on a page that elicits a response from me. I don't need to agree or disagree with what Buk might have been writing about, I just need to enjoy how he expressed it.

That said, I certainly didn't answer your question, and me culpa for that. But I did provide a justification as to why you don't really need an answer to your question to enjoy what he wrote. Whether you really do need an answer or not is up to you.

I will say that when Buk writes about car problems and expresses frustration, it's likely more about humanity and circumstance than it is about cars. Take from that what you will.
Well, he wasn't insane, so I think we can rule out fear of a New World Order or the Illuminati.
Oh really?
Come on, I need some thinkers here! Of course he may have not believed in that stuff, but he was trying to say something about society and what "They" are doing to it. I wonder who the "They" are he is talking about.
Oh really?
Come on, I need some thinkers here! .. ].
They did a survey and discovered 85% of the population would rather die than think, the other , em ...15% only do it on Sundays just to top up.:wb:

But don't you think, he is observing, experiencing and writing about the struggles of us all against the Old World Order; the daily grind etc.? in his own sardonic, eloquent way.
The Last Straw is one of my favourites. Stumbled upon the youtube vid here...

[Go "stumble upon" somewhere to buy it instead. -ed.]
how does that rap require deciphering?

he's saying he thinks modern society - the 80's - is incompetent and soft compared to the era he grew up in.

now the part about wishing he could find a dentist who could suck his dick...that's a little trickier.
His tire comment just made me think about things I have been reading and seeing on the internet. Like for instance new cars are going to stop having a spare tire all together. I guess that's so people have to phone for help instead.
Now I go to the grocery store and it seems that I'm being forced more and more to check myself out and bag my own groceries and pay the same price as I would if they were done for me.
Cars nowadays are being designed to slow down and brake by themselves, remote steering, remote acceleration, remote shut down all can be done by someone sitting at a computer via the cars technology. They have all but stopped making manual transmissions, only 5% of all cars made have a manual transmission. I thing that automatic transmissions are easier to manipulate, so the more mechanical manual is being done away with.
I don't know what all this is gearing up toward.
Now they are going for the car that drives itself. That's a hoot. I will be able to have my car drive me around hands free, I can enjoy the scenery on the way to the grocery store where I can ring myself up and bag my own groceries.
Yeah, I had to get out and live a little, do some things, experience things more. Sorry I forgot my email I used with that username. 2007 was many experiences ago. That's how I came up with my current username.....Zarlingotoo. No big mystery, no big deal.

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