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The Flash of Lightning Behind the Mountain: New Poems (1 Viewer)

no cirerita, you're very much correct. its one of the ones that I really don't like at all. if you're going posthumous, go with Bone Palace Ballet if you don't already have it.
I just got Bone Palace today... that only leaves What Matters Most, and I'll have all of the BSP posthumous editions. The cover of Bone Palace is in my top 3. It's so bizarre.

This has nothing to do with the original thread topic... sorry.
Remember this one? ;)

Reading The Latest Posthumous Collection by FrancEye, from LUMMOX Journal Aug 2000

These aren't his best poems
I can see them on the closet floor, a paper hill
where he'd throw them when they came back
from whoever rejected them.
Then once in a while
Stanley would come over
and find a good one or two and take them for his reading,
but most of them
he'd look at a minute
then throw back:
"That's shit."

Bukowski would say later
I don't see how a man
can do that - look
at poems for seconds and say
This one's good, that's shit.

But it's such good shit. I'm so happy hearing that voice
and there's something special too about reading Bukowski
not because I'm
grabbed and held
by the lines that won't let go,
but just because I
want to. It's a fat book. I
turn the page, say "Please.
Tell me another story."
They're not his best, but
for me there's no such thing
as a bad one.
Thanks for posting this, Ponder! - Interesting that also Linda king thinks that the posthumous stuff is'nt too good...
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Thanks for posting this, Ponder! - Interesting that also FranceEye thinks that the posthumous stuff is'nt too good...

I find her opinion not negative at all. Did I read another piece? ;)
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Did'nt she write:

for me there's no such thing
as a bad one.

I would'nt say she's negative, she's just pointing out that THEY'RE NOT HIS BEST. Many of us say the same about the posthumous stuff in general...
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Different is fine LAK.
I've found something to like in all Buks books.
Every single one of them.
Flash of Lightening is my favourite book of poetry followed by Come On In. I enjoy how he looks back at himself his life-I enjoy his nostalgia. That said I've always enjoyed listening to old people tell their stories and most like Buk were bigger smarter (and at least in Canada almost as good as Gretzky when they were 10).
But then he'll drop a poem about death approaching or old age creeping and I'm brought back to the simple realization that this guy still thinks he is living a life worth writing about...and that takes moxie

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