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That's a cute article, but they get a lot of facts wrong (which isn't unusual). It was probably written by a Mac fanboy who wanted to believe that Bukowski used Mac Write, but as you can see in the picture (that they took from this site) he used the Claris word processor.

I'd like a copy of that hard drive though. That's something that the Huntington doesn't have, but is an important piece of history. Unfortunately by the time anyone who knows what to do with it gets their hands on it it will probably be unreadable.
That hard drive would be something to see long will the info that's there last?
Theoretically, forever. But in actual practice those things tend to become obsolete very quickly. The data is still there, and the hardware or storage device still works, but it's incompatible with whatever else is current at the time.

Take this box of regular old 3.5 floppy discs I have here. I can't get any data off of them because none of our computers even has a floppy drive...

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