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"So fuck Doubleday Doran"
Is Last Call still available?

The e-mail address of Raindog (aka RD Armstrong) Doesn't excist anymore.
It also seems they didn't update their site for years...
Thanks, Bill.

What happened to Lummox Press, or shall I (or you) create a new topic in alll things "not" Bukowski...?
Hi Ponder,
As far as I know he is still publishing. Maybe he is just having websiter problems. If I remember correctly, he has one of those free hosting deals where he is piggybacked onto another website.

Ask mjp to pick up a copy the next time he has RD over for tea...

It's gonna be tea with milk, B.R.

Raindog met Bukowski and he didn't like RD from the start. I'm quoting A.D. Winans here... Or was it another RD?
A man get(s) confused when it is early in the morning, (11:30).

Ok, my name is PD from now on, formely known as Ponder. Or shall I use my real initials, J.J.?
Hmmm, I just re read A.D. Winans, it's R.B. and not RD. So I guess RD never met Buk, but R.B. did, and I don't know who R.B. is. But R'n'B is familiar to me.

It seems I'm allergic to initials or short versions.

J.J. (aka PD).

I didn't think about the next lines when I was typing up the former the 2 postings, got a flashback a few seconds ago.

I got drunk but I have to pick up Linda's sister at the
airport tomorrow afternoon. She's coming for a visit. She's changed her name
from Robin to Jharra. As women get older, they change their names. Many do,
I mean. Suppose a man did that? Can you see me phoning somebody:
"Hey, Mike, this is Tulip."
"Tulip. Formerly Charles, but now Tulip. I will no longer answer to
"Fuck you, Tulip."
Mike hangs up...

From:The captain is out to lunch and the sailors have taken over the ship

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