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As much as I dislike Stephen's King's fiction... he always comes across as entertaining in interviews, non-fiction, and the occasional introduction... Glad to see they talked to someone who wrote at least one book about how technology would be the end of the world...

And this doesn't surprise me. My understanding of how the Nook (and presumably the Kindle) work is that if you choose NOT to download wirelessly (or don't have WiFi available) you have to enter the full credit card number to "unlock" the book on the device. I wonder if that data is stored anywhere on the device besides the account it links to (i.e. within the coding of the book itself).

I'm actually borrowing a Nook from work right now and I enjoy reading on it, but I could never replace my bookshelves or the feel of a nice paper book...
Yes, King has a proper fear of technology. I played with a friend's Kindle for a few minutes and it held zero appeal to me. I just can't see spending $200 so I can download "books" at $14 each and still have nothing.

Oprah's latest pick was two Dickens novels (public domain works) ... that she hadn't read ... that are free downloads from Amazon if you buy a Kindle ... and she gave the audience all Kindles. Way to pimp for Amazon, Oprah.

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