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Well it's a business for him.
If he kept everything he liked, he'd have a shit-load of beautiful books and no house or food. :)
That's about $1,750 too much for me.

"..and please, do NOT expect these to be listed at a lower price next week, they won't"

yeah yeah yeah, until you HAVE to, right?
When he says he won't relist something, he usually doesn't relist it. He's a trustworthy and fair guy. Usually his prices are reasonable. I don't know if these are or not. There's really not another set like it to compare it to.

I'll go against the crowd and wager that he will sell them. In the last few seconds of the auction. To someone we know (or at least familiar with).
in my opinion, $1750 is a good price. not a screaming deal, but definitely a fair price (i think of it as $650 for screams, $650 for living on luck, and $450 for reach for the sun).

i considered trying to get the publishers copies of the 3 letters volumes, but i would have been in debt for too long for that to have been wise by any stretch of the imagination.
To me, $1,500 would be a screaming deal. But $1,750 is not such a bad price; and his prices are typically quite fair, as mjp and jordan mentioned. Scott's stuff is almost always top shelf, and this is certainly that. And no, he will not lower the price if he says he won't. My experience has been that he stands on his word whether it works to his advantage or your advantage.
I think they wont sell at this price.
But it is a fair price, as Jordan's maths shows.
I hope they do, but I think the market has tightened up a lot lately.

I have these books, and it's roughly what I paid a few years ago ($550 each for Screams and Luck, 400 odd for Sun), so the price makes sense.
I bought a few Buk books from him awhile back.
The condition was even better than what he described them to be. Needless to say, I haven't had money since, but it was worth every penny.
I typically only buy from Scott or Jeff Maser, whenever I have the $$ to do so.
Scott (the seller of the letter books in this thread), is the guy who sold all the manuscripts on eBay in 2000/2001. He sold over a thousand of them for as low as $65 to around $400 for the top-shelf older stuff. Those of you who were around for that no doubt remember those wonderful days.

Well, after I won one particular manuscript from him he sent me an email along the lines of; "As I was getting this ready to ship the manuscript I noticed that it is not a carbon but an original typescript. I didn't even know I had any originals, so you got a good deal!"

Not, "Hey, I just noticed this is worth about ten times what you paid for it, so no deal, baby! I'm relisting it tomorrow," which is kind of what I was expecting after I read the first sentence.

Another time I mistakenly bid way too much for a third printing of Me And Your Sometimes Love Poems, thinking it was a first edition. After I won he said, "That's way too much for this book, I'll refund all but $30, that's a fair price."

So he'll always be okay in my book.
Great stories, both.

I like James because I emailed him that I wanted a book from his inventory once and told him I would arrange payment soon and get back to him.

I can't remember the specific title, but it was a Buk and well over 1000USD.

A week goes by and the book arrives in the mail - unpaid for.

I emailed him about his 'mistake' and he told me it was deliberate.

"You were going to pay for it anyway right? So you might as well have it now".

He's in Forest Knolls, California. I'm in Melbourne, Australia.

Anyone who shows that much faith in another human should be rewarded, no?
Be it Harrison, Maser or Muser, you won't be lead astray. Prices may vary, but the quality is assured.

A story about Scott: About a year ago, I bought a signed trade ed of Hot Water Music from him. Right around that time, you might remember a thread about a signed book that had an underline on the signature.

There was some controversy about whether an underlined sig was legit.

Having seen that thread while my book was in transit, I became concerned. When the book arrived, I checked the sig and it look good to me, but I asked Scott about it.

Rather than being offended, he assured me that it was unusual, but that the book came from an important collection (the name escapes me now) and was indeed on the up and up.

Check the archives if you want. What a great seller. I would add that to Maser and Muser as well.
I still wish I had jumped on the signed BSP copy of Ask the Dust he was selling awhile back... well maybe next time I'm in SF he'll have it on the shelf for half price... Great stories, all.
as long as we're fawning over these guys, i should add that the first time i went by jeff maser's shop, i noticed that he had a pristine copy of this art book i had been obsessing over for months (still am, truth be told). i had a lesser copy, so i was pretty excited to see it. i didn't have the money for it right then, but he acted like it was no big deal if i took it and then paid him later... it seemed really surprising, but i guess it's common practice among the top-shelf booksellers.
unfortunately, when i stopped by maser's he wasn't there. and when i called his number, i got the machine and even dropped bill roberts' name, but still nothin'. oh well, maybe in another ten years when i make it out there...
I don't know Musser personally, but have heard great things. Maser and Scott Harrison are straight up, honest great booksellers.

I cannot say anything more about them. Just that you will never be disappointed hen dealing with either of them.


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