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Figured it's time for a separate thread for The Mathematics of the Breath and the Way, since the book is being delivered now.

I've been reading it, and it's good. There are some nice surprises in there, mostly in the form of "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" columns that I've never read. At this point, it seems like the "Notes" columns are where most of the little-seen stuff is buried. We've read a lot of the other things in the book before, but it's still nice to have it collected.
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Got it!!!

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Damn, still not available on Amazon UK. Now it says Sept. 6. If I order it from Amazon US I risk it getting caught in customs. I guess I'll just have to wait till Amazon UK gets it. :(
Picked up a copy at the nearby big box Chapters store. The online search said "one copy, low stock, please call ahead". I didn't but it was there. I just checked again with that same store and it now says "out of stock". That's on me. Maybe they'll restock the Pinetree Chapters soon. :-)
My dumbass lost my copy of Mathematics. I put it in my back pocket (for the 1st & last time) and boom. Gone. It's been a month so here we go again, copy # 2.

Guess what I found? Copy #1. My wife was cleaning up books I had laying around and put Mathematics somewhere so I wouldn't lose it. Well, I did...until I bought a second copy!

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