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i'm a student in film school
i'm making a film "inspired" by Chinaski called "The Other"
it's a fragment from Factotum, the part where he goes to live with his parents

we're in preproduction now, we'll film in january 2007, and in june 2007 the movie will be ready for my exam.
hopefully you'll see it on festivals, or on youtube.

the movie will be black and white/color, 35mm film (with animated parts)

i'll translate the script soon if anyone is interested in reading it.

wish me luck
i chose

mainly because it's a studio film. and i was supposed to shoot as much of it in the studio...

and because i like that part a lot. and i is ok for learning how to work with actors and everything - it will make a good school film.

too bad the script is drifting away from the original story.
somehow if i don't tell you it's inspired by bukowski, you wouldn't guess
dorin, I enjoyed that very much.

I know you had had concerns about the script drifting away from Bukowski, but the spirit was there.

and because you didn't feel obligated to stick exactly to that scene from Factotum, I think the main character switch from writer to artist was a great idea visually. a lot of times movies that deal with writers are full of voice overs reading the writers' words. that's fine for feature length, but not for a short film. the art made a better impact in a shorter amount of time.

very good short film influenced by Bukowski.

good stuff, you should be proud.
Now that is some staying power, posting something and 2 years later the follow through.

I got the Bukowski spirit through that, but wondered at first when they were fishing. As soon as the old man started hollering at him it made sense. You captured it.
Talk about staying power; when are you going to change that dog's tie? It's beginning to get ripe around here...

And Dorin, can you stop sipping that shot glass and pass it over here; I know what to do with it...
Nice work, Dorin! The Buk influence was obvious, especially in the "vomit on the rug" scene...
I thank you very much for your kind words.
I'll try answering the questions:

@ hoochmonkey9: you are right! this is a bukowski influence. but none the less I should have written somewhere at the beginning that i worked on his novel for the script, or at least thank him in the thaks category... and you are very right - the art made a very important difference. it brought something from Bukowski's spirit in view.

@ homeless mind: it took 2 years. the blog covers all the shooting and everything after if you'd life to read: I finished the film one year ago, but now it started getting awards at festivals. and I remembered I started this topic.
PS: that's a shot of absinthe :D

@ Bukfan: I got that whole scene wrong. You can't really see the puke. if you don't know the book... you might well not get it. next movie will be better. (actually this week I'm finishing my "next movie")
Fantastic work, Dorin. I really enjoyed this short film. The influence was blatant to me, in spirit. Vomit on the rug scene brings it all back home - good job :)
Nice movie.
Very Professional made. yes.

Sure, no one would see the Bukowski-hints without knowing beforehand. But that doesn't make it bad. Not at all.

The vomit-scene, others have mentioned here before - I don't recall it being in 'Factotum'. I only Do remember it from several interviews (and maybe 'Ham on Rye'?). I ain't sure. Is it really in 'Factotum'?

Anyway, thanks for coming back here! stay!

I lift my glass now, to say:
Well, I don't remember if the vomit scene is in Factotum, but Buk described it more than once, both in prose and poems, I believe...
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It's a funny coincidence - exactly two years after to the day, he posts again! Let's hope it won't take another two years till next time...:)
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Maybe Dorin is one of those people from the X-Files who hibernates for a couple of years at a time. Make a movie go hibernate get up promote movie go back and hibernate. Two years later make another movie kill little dog on Buknet go back hibernate.
well, I can't explain how come exactly 2 years later I decided writing you about my film. again.

but I know for a fact the vomit scene is in Factotum, too. I didn't read Ham and Rye (it's not translated in Romanian yet, and I'll have to find somebody foreign willing to make a Christmas present or a early Birthday present...
anyway. I've seen a bunch of interviews, heard all the audio-books/reading-shows, read poems on
maybe if I were near California I would be interested in doing a Documentary... but in Romania all I can do is adapt novels and short-stories for the screen.
[one short-story I especially enjoyed reading, and would like to turn into a short film is the one with the 2 thieves who go robbing a house, the owners wake up and the kill the guy, maybe the girl too and they leave forgetting to take anything - any producer available?]
this was a film-school project. so non commercial.
right now I'm working on an adaptation of a French novel into a feature film, and contacted the French publishing house for the rights. I'm a good boy. If I'd ever write another short film based on Bukowski, I'd contact Black Sparrow or whomever owns the rights for sure

I just noticed there is a film The killers . Does anyone have it?
right now I'm working on an adaptation of a French novel into a feature film, and contacted the French publishing house for the rights. I'm a good boy.


About the Killers. I did a search.
Couldn't find anything. Maybe it shows up on eBay?
lately I'm watching documentaries... and the Dardenne brothers.
I enjoy at least 50 directors, seen their filmographies.
scorsese, kubrick, kevin smith, larry clark, todd solondz, lars von trier, gaspar noe, hal ashby, roy andersson, lukas moodysson, aki kaurismaki, and a lot of sitcoms :-))

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