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I read Post Office over two days in a public library in '92. After that, the rest. well, a good deal of it. before that, Henry Miller. before that, Edward Abbey. long live Hayduke! lately I'm coming back around to Buk in a sense, and in the process discovered this forum, where I've been lurking quite a bit. So much fascinating shit all over the place.

as for my Buk "collection", I'm a fan not a collector. I gave most of it away over the years, excited to turn people on to Bukowski. your basic mass market editions anyway. plus I was usually drunk and forcing some book into someone's hands and telling them it doesn't matter, read it and pass it on, and I will still do this whenever I get a few beers and the chance. recent gets include a dvd of Tales of Ordinary Madness (that I haven't seen yet), Sounes' book of photographs, and an eighth of a strain of weed they call "Hank's OG" (any connection? don't know and ain't asking).
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well, Jane was addicted to alcohol and basically in the end just left las vegas, as I understand it. she had a serious hank bukowski jones for a few years, too.

clever, right?
Welcome here ! :)

I had a friend who was addicted to Jane's Addiction and to anything else Perry Farrell did. I've lost touch with him now but hope he's going well.
I've been compared to Perry. *Gleams narcissisticly*

And Jane's is my favorite band. They won over the Stones when I stepped into the 21st century. So, I automatically like you.
hi Jane's Addiction! Bubble is one of my favorite characters. I watched all the episodes of "the trailer park boys". Anything to say about the choice of your avatar?
Bubble is one of my favorite characters. I watched all the episodes of "the trailer park boys".

Me too! They've run the series three times over here on the same TV channel. That's how popular it is here.

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trailer park boys

I just caught the last two and a half seasons, broadcast here by directtv, and they've started again from the beginning. It's my new favorite thing. That's a great shot of Bubbles, maybe I should've used that.
You know what bothers me about them now-here in Canada
They do public appearances still in character.
Which would be cool if they were Batman, the Monkees, Bob and Doug or that robot from Lost in Space even but as Bubbles-it gets old very quick. Then again RUSH is still popular too so maybe we deserve our fate.
Hi Jane's addiction, similar to your adventure, for me before Bukowski it was Henry Miller. Actually it was the letter from Henry Miller to Bukowski that got me acquainted with Bukowski (weird? huh) and now I can't go back to Miller, maybe when I finish Buk.

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