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Hello! I've always been drawn to Bukowski's writing but I'm only just stumbling upon this wonderful space. I've thought on numerous occasions how it would be great to have a collection of insights that help to answer the intimate details you are left curious for after going through his work. Never occured to me in the storm of my own life to simply search if others had felt the same. Turns out I'm not 'alone'

I'll be dragging through all of it. I'm one of those that mourns lost details. That's part of life though. We can't write it ALL down. You've got to distill the most important (as if it could all be held and processed for ranking) but there is no container to hold the vastness, nor hands fast enough to keep up with the rate at which it comes. I've tried and it only unveils a little bit more of my own madness. As beauty tends to lay in the fleeting essence of now, it probably shouldn't all be kept anyways because then how could we pine for and lament what's forever gone?

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