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The things you find on eBay (1 Viewer)


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that's why it pays to search titles AND description.

In MANY cases, that's not enough. Many sellers don't bother to list contents, especially when it comes to underground newspapers. A good trick is to have 100 saved searches with key periodicals. I've snagged quite a few obscure titles that way.


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A friend of mine snagged a copy for $100 -- 30 years ago. Of course, the back cover was missing. You lucky bastard!


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I did try to find Tres Ojos. Went to a couple of good places, but they'd never heard of it. They told me it was probably sold to "foreigners" only -derisory tone here ;)

Have you ever tried Cune? It's a pretty good one for 5 euros ($8). Give it a try if you haven't...

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