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I just finished reading Women, and I am very interested in a different perspective on the author. Amber, or anyone, are there still any copies of Blowing my Hero around?
The deal for Blowing My Hero was only for a limited time I'm afraid. No more are available.

There is a book in the works that may give you quite a different perspective about the events in Women, but details about it have not yet been released. Hang in there. You will not be disappointed.
mjp, you tease! Pleeeeeese give us a clue! Sounds fascinating.

If it can be found now, Blowing My Hero is highly recommended. One of the most honest, unassuming firsthand accounts of Bukowski. Amber has a sweet soul, and shines through the book. Don't believe the detractors. It's a classic.
I can't say anything specific, I could get kneecapped! You have no idea how these fuckers in the big time publishing world roll! I'll be on my couch one night, innocently eating a big plate of delicious tamales and four big dudes covered in black from head to toe will bust in the door, tie me up in binding cloth and stuff me in the trunk of a Town Car. And that binding cloth? It will smell like a graveyard, my brothers and sisters.

So you can see my dilemma. I must remain mum, as the kids say.
Of course, baby! I live in a land overflowing with handmade tamale joints. You know how it is.
... a book in the works ...

mjp, could this be a book by someone whose letters got lost?
If so, the book might not remain a secret for long.
At least she didn't say anything like "keep this for yourself", when she wrote me about it.
Then you should talk about it! ;) For some reason I'm sworn to secrecy every time someone tells me about a fart or a papercut. Have you read any of it? I think people are really going to be pleasantly surprised.
Then you should talk about it!

I don't know a big deal about it. I may as well quote from an email, Cupcakes has sent me in January:

"... It's a long story, which I detail in my new book coming out soon (sorry about the shameless plug!). The bottom-line is that I lost them [the Bukowski-letters] over 25 years ago and have been searching for them ever since ..."

To me this sounds like the book is pretty close to come out.
(that's what I meant with "might not remain a secret for long")

that's all we talked about the book, which answers your question: no, haven't read any of it. But am looking forward to it.

And (of course), we have an agreement, that she will contribute to our next yearbook, which then may be an excerpt of that book.
A book by Cupcakes? That's great news! wasn't Linda King writing a book too? That would also be an interesting read. Speaking of books, I wish Linda B. would publish a book one day...
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yeah, Linda King had her book going round at several publishers for years. Some of the chapters have been published in other publications. It seems, this will be published part-by-part instead of one book.

yes, a Linda Bukowski book would be fine too.

Or a collection of all these memorials. Title: 'Bukowski's Women'.
The Cupcakes book is great news. I would like to see the entire Linda King book come out in one piece instead of scattered around. And of course a book by Linda Lee would be -- no doubt -- quite revealing. She was with him a long time, to the end, saw many changes, good times, bad times, and she was THE WIFE, so she will have the last word, I'm betting, either literally or in effect. I doubt she will allow herself to mixed in with all the "other women."
I doubt she will allow herself to mixed in with all the "other women."

you are 100% right. Any project sent to her that referred to her as one of "Bukowski's women" would be rejected in the strongest terms.

Also, I'm not sure that she is interested in writing a bio, as their relationship is well known to people who read Bukowski. Those who do not, would likely not care much about a bio about him. I'd love to read it, of course.

Still, it does not seem her style. I think that she wants to let the art of Bukowski speak for Bukowski.

Linda King's book probably could have been published, but apparently she has some unrealistic expectations of what she can sell it for. Meaning she's thinking of a large publisher and a large scale release, and I just don't think any large corporate publisher is going to see that as a financially viable project.

But I think Pam has some more realistic expectations, which means we'll likely see hers first. And honestly, I think Pam is a more interesting person, with more of a story to tell outside of the Bukowski relationship.
... Also, I'm not sure that she is interested in writing a bio, as their relationship is well known to people who read Bukowski. [...]

Still, it does not seem her style...

Bill, I think you're on to something there. A tell all book would not be very Zen of her. But I can picture her maybe saying what the hell and doing it much later, when she's really old, just for the fun of it. I would love to read it.
Well, she's 65, so it might be safe to say she is set in her ways. For what it's worth, over dinner a couple years ago I said, "...yeah, but when you write your book..." and she interrupted with, "No, no, no, no, no. No book. Un uh." Which seems pretty firm.
yeah, wouldbe interesting. (both LB and JM )
Could set a lot of things straight, that are in question up til now.

And this is what makes me hope, they might write something one day: I guess, it's in their own interest to set some things straight, clarify things. As Linda did, when Pleasants came out with his mud, etc.
So, though they sure won't write a 'biography' about Buk, maybe just something that helps understand more.

And it would certainly be a good opportunity to both of them, to tell their sides of stories, other people have told (or indicated) so far.
I'm picturing a last minute tell all memoir from either of them, at 85 or so. But probably won't happen, as you point out, mjp and Bill.

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