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I mean... I've been holding back some things for about seven years now, but my retorts won't be supereffective until we hit 10 soo... you've got that to look forward to.
It should be stressed that not only does Mr. Phillips NOT intend to "roll a couple of hand grenades" into any public place, but quite to the contrary, he denounces such behavior and is in fact known throughout his community as a peaceful, loving man whose kindness and philanthropy is revered and respected.

For the record, and to make his intentions perfectly clear, what he meant by "20 or 30 empty-headed morons staring at Mac Books or iPhones [at a] Starbucks" was "20 or 30 of my brothers and sisters carrying out important work and recreational activities."

I hope this sheds some light on the gravity and reality of the situation, and any similarly misunderstood situations or statements made in the past or the future.

Thank you.

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