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Father Luke

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I’m thinking about Something @Hannah wrote, regarding not bringing back a picture from the archive. And also, how Charles Henry ‘Hank’ Bukowski, sometimes known fondly as “Buk” to his friends and some acquaintances pronounced: Buke, like Luke, or Kook as his name was pronounced, I assume, Buke Ow Ski at home growing up in a German speaking family?

Maybe I missed the point, but part of what I got from it was that there’s a time and place for everything. Those artifacts and memories, the catalog of something incapable of ever being completely communicated, were part of a history of Bukowski.

It’s a razor’s edge. Museum stuff, you know?

Bukowski. Yes…

…a charm to wear, a trophy to display, or a mail order reverend certificate from the universal life church; something to brag about, something to create attention for yourself.

The finger pointing at the moon, and everyone stares at the finger.

Don’t try, were his final words. I’m happy with that.
I'm dismayed by the loss of the database, but I've made my peace with it. And it's still there in the Wayback machine if it needs to be consulted. Time moves on, and everything disappears eventually. Even us.

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