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Finally got myself an SG1! Sadly I share the space with my girlfriend's cats, my 9 other typewriters and a shitload of books. But amazing machine! Any other typer folks? If so I'd love to see some of your machines. Disregard the mess...its the usual state of the area.

Curious: Is your SG1 basket or carriage shift?

I love typewriters and typewriter porn. Here are my contributions:

1954 Royal Quiet DeLuxe. This is my poetry-writing typewriter.

Royal QD.jpg

Mid-70s Smith-Corona Electra 220. This is my screenplay/short story typer.

sc electra.jpg

Suggestion: Could this thread be re-titled to "Let's see your typewriters..." (or similar) to help when searching, and encourage more posting action?
Here is my Royal 10, with intact original side glass panels that are etched (nothing interesting just a frame but still) and also a much cleaner photo of what my desk looked like 6 months ago. Need to do some tidying!


Here is a little Brother JP-1 variant re-branded by Royal as a Ro"Mariner". All steel, tiny ultra-portable.


Here is the first manual I ever owned. A gift from the lady....little did she know hahaha


Here is a Royal Epoch which was manufactured new only a few years ago. Sell new for 175 on Amazon, got for 10 on goodwill auction site.WORST TYPEWRITER I HAVE EVER USED!!! DO NOT GET ONE OF THESE! A shame too because despite it being almost all plastic it has a nice look to it.


And this is the only photo I could find of the IBM Selectric I had to get rid of in 2018. Just too damn big. I have several other electrics. One of which is a Brother my dad got me when I was 12 after my grade school having a sit down with him and my mother about some of the stories I had written for school being "inappropriate". Still works like I just took it out of the box but nothing all that fancy to look at. Just like the selectric but smaller..a lot smaller.

Nice typers, tluchowski!

30 years ago, I found a Royal 10 like yours in an attic in my third-floor brownstone apt on Pine Street in Philly, during college--accompanied by a typed thesis and handwritten notes. Sort of hoped it was a lost HP Lovecraft manuscript (seemed like a perfect situation for that) or another famous writer. But, nope. The typer was all jammed up and we used it as a doorstop.

Also had a 1940s Royal desk model in the early 90s (like the below) for a while, but no longer.

It could have been the follow up to "Dreams in the Witch House"..."Dreams in the attic of my third-floor brownstone apt on Pine Street in Philly, during college"..you might have got lucky and avoided sacrificing your neighbor's infant or something. I'm imagining the brown jenkin with a very heavy Philly accent. And it would make a good doorstop, or anchor as heavy as it is! The real question: what was the thesis on?
Yes! A brown jenkin reference. Nice to learn of other HPL fans.

The thesis was dated around 1930-32, if I recall correctly. I don't remember the exact topic, but the author was a seminary student. I still have it somewhere in a box. I was always meaning to track down the relatives of the author, but that would take a lot of legwork I don't have time for...yet. Maybe when (if?) I retire someday...

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