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Not sure there are many White Stripes fans here. However, I have watched this documentary 2x in the last 3 days! WOW! I would recommend this to any fan of music documentaries, and of course if your a fan of Jacky White, ya probably already own it! Anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?

Their goal in the documentary was to play every single Province in Canada. Because of this, they played bowling alleys, recreation centers, boats, busses, pool halls, cafes, etc.

The song on the bus was the traditional kids song
Yes Gerard, always only been two people and believe me, from seeing them roughly 20 times in the last 10 years, everywhere from bars that held 150 people to theaters that hold 6,000, I have NEVER, ever heard two people make such a LOUD, but pleasant racket!
The song on the bus was the traditional kids song

I guess my winkie wasn't enough. Should have added the <irony> quotes, or something.

<irony> I recognize the driver in the video. <irony> That was my beard 27 years ago! (No, really!)

Like the Jonathan Richman that has the line "the lady on the bus said something about the driver". (I can't explain the video. I see Sgt. Pepper album inside cover in the background. Drugs?)
Haha, damn I missed the winky and never seem to get the sarcasm font on buk.net! Now I'm thinking Gerard knew all along there were only two people in the White Stripes!

I never lie. Well, not about rock duos. I've heard them before and like their songs but had no clue about them. A chick drummer, that's hot. Of course I'm an old guy so any young girl (of legal age) moving, pounding and banging is hot.
You know, if she's of legal age, and pounding on a keyboard, it's pretty hot too! Well at least this clip of pounding on a keyboard is pretty hot!

Another fabulous duo! The drummer Brian Viglione, imho is one of the most underrated drummers in rock!
Wow! Two of my favorites in one thread!

The first time I put on Under Blackpool Lights my wife walked into the room and said, "All that noise is coming from two people?"

I am a huge fan, of everything Jack and will be rushing out for this as soon as I get paid.

And...of course I love me some Amanda Palmer. For those who have not seen it, here is a video of her and Zoe Keating playing in my living room:


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