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I know that this makes me look like a FAN, but...

Anyone want to share their unusual Bukowski ephemera? I'll post some cool things that I have picked up over the years. Most are not very expensive, but they are just very uncommon....

I'll start it off with some cool little items.

Hank & Linda Lee Wedding Matchbook

Magnetic Poetry from ECCO


Funny. You were supposed to break the words apart and create your own Bukowski poetry on your fridge....
Thanks for posting this! most of it, I have'nt seen before. Please post more! Can you still buy the magnetic poetry from Ecco ?
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I wondered, so you might too..

The poem from the funeral booklet is an excerpt from "if we take" from "Mockingbird Wish Me Luck"
yep it is.

Good call!
Can you still buy the magnetic poetry from Ecco ?
Nope, as far as I know these were never for sale from them.

It is funny. When Black Sparrow published Buk, these ephemeral items would be sent out to many people that aqppreciated them. With Ecco, I think that they send them to buyers for bookstores only. Most of them probably just chuck them... BEcause of this, the last few Ecco announcements have been pretty scarce....

Those ECCO books are horrible, just awful. Same deal with the Virgins.
Ugly, cheap looking typeface...and sometimes, when one poem ends on a page with only a few lines, they begin another poem on the same page.
No class.
No love.
No pride.

You beat me to it with the matchbook. I was going to post a scan of mine with a funny story. I also got the magnetic poem puzzle thing (wife works in a bookstore and gets stuff like that free; most of it does go in the trash), and the funeral announvement with poem, although I think mine is a xerox done by unknown parties. All freebies people have given me. I'll look through my stuff. I must have something you guys haven't seen yet.

Oh, and here's the story on the matchbook. A friend who's a huge Bukowski collector gave it to me right after the wedding. It's cool, and of course I was (and am) happy to have it. But matches kind of freak me out...I'm paranoid about fire...and the idea of having them in my bookcase made me nervous. One Fourth of July we ran out of the kitchen wooden matches we normally use to light firewrorks. Not giving it a whole lot of deep thought, I went in, grabbed the Buk matches, and started using them. I felt a little guilty as they were special matches from Hank and Linda's wedding, not regular old matches, but what the hell. In short order they were all gone but one. I figured that if I left that one match, it was still okay in some metaphysical collector mentality way. That one remaining match got used on the next Fourth of July. Now it's an empty folder, and I'm not nervous about having it in my book case.
Here's an announcement from Ecco that they will be taking over Bukowski, Fante and Bowles titles from Black Sparrow Press. This was probably only sent out to bookstores. A funny thing happened around this time when I went with my wife to a bookseller's convention. At the Ecco table I asked the two publisher's reps about their new Bukowski catalog. They had his books on the table but neither had ever heard of Bukowski and could tell me nothing about him or Ecco's plans for future releases. I had to tell them who Bukowski was. Pathetic, huh?


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