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Can someone let me know if this Buk signature is authentic or not?

Is this authentic.jpg
Thanks! long as the book is numbered in red on the colophon page at the back. this book was published very shortly after Buk's death. the signed sheets were tipped (glued) into the edition. There are no copies of this book signed on the title page, for example. Can you send a photo of the colophon page and we can say that it is 100% sure. If there is no colophon page then there could be a huge problem (as that would mean that this was a later printing...)

That being said, the signature looks right.

Here's a pic of the colophon page. I did some homework before making the purchasing i.e. consulted my copy of "A Descriptive Bibliography of the Primary Publications of Charles Bukowski." I just wanted to get some opinions from other Buk fans. Thank you.

Colonphon Page from Buk Book.jpg
Here is one that I just passed on because it was not on the colophon and it looked a little odd to me. There was also no provenance or anything about what signing he signed it at. I can't discuss what book it is really because someone's birthday is coming up. What do you guys think of this signature though? It wasn't right on the money for me.

it looks ok, I think. but definitely a later signature. and rushed.

the 'Ch' looks right, as does the "B". there are no stops and starts like most forgeries.

but I can't be 100% sure.
I can see why you'd hesitate. Some parts of it are maybe a little atypical.

Personally I suspect its real, but it isn't easy to be sure without any provenance etc.
Oh shit, I just bought it anyway. It's too good a deal to pass up. It's a 1st Ed. of Hollywood, signed on the title page. MJP knows about it. He talked me into it. $215.00 on Abe.
Wait a minute! I talked you in to it?

Well, HC firsts of Hollywood are not common signed or unsigned, so it I think it was a good deal.

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