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Victimized by The Mad Frenchman! (1 Viewer)


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Bastard outbid me on Jason's auction for a hardcover The Days Run Away...

Looking at his feedback, he seems to buy the same titles multiple times. This person is really a mystery to me. Heh.

I doubt it's the last time I'll see his username as the winner of something I bid on.
I was watcing that one too. My favourite Bukowski poetry book, because of the Jane poems, I guess. TMF truly deserves his moniker...
The mad Frenchman is also currently bidding on signed editions of You Get So Alone and Last Night of The Earth...They were listed at very inexpensive starting prices and I initially got that little skipped heartbeat feeling that maybe I could get one of them at a decent (cheap) price, yeah I know, how unrealistic can I get, but you just never know, right? Well, then I saw the mad Frenchman was the bidder and control and I said, never mind... I am watching them just to see how mad he gets with these. I have even contemplated f**king with him and bidding it up, but I know that's cruel and unethical and I would hate to have it backfire on me so that I get stuck with overrpriced stuff. It would be just my luck that the mad Frenchman would "listen to reason" as PeeWee would say after I put in my last insincere bid.
I don't know if reason plays a part in what he's doing. I've emailed him a couple times inviting him to come here and discuss the value of things he's thinking of bidding on, but no response. Maybe he isn't so hot with English and this forum would be tough for Him. I don't know.

That, and he's just plain crazy.

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