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What the hell is this? (1 Viewer)

Skateboard deck??

I must be getting old...

You mean the flat bit of a skateboard without the wheels?

holy crap... what's next?!

Charles Bukowski toilet paper??!!
Charles Bukowski toilet paper??!!

Not by me it isn't. I recently printed Bush on toilet paper for X-Ray Book Co. It takes a special shit to deserve being printed on toilet paper. I will leave that to fans of Robert Frost to print.

ahhh,.. a skate board....I too was wondering what that was. jeez whoda thought ?? hell, I thought that it was a book mark, and maybe something to do with the catholic church/religion.... ha! man I'd look so cool sitting on my ass and riding that thing!!
monday again

I think it's time to start a fund so shit like this can be taken out and placed were no one can see it again,did that hip hop thing ever take off please say it that it never happened.I try and think were these people heads were at when these ideas looked good.some things are only for the person who thought of it like the shit i am saying now.
It took me a while
The picture is bad and the description seemed like gibberish
At first I thought it was some kind of Jesus candle
Or maybe a pack of incense
(Bukowski incense, what would that smell like)
But a skateboard, really?
I'm wondering if this board was part of some kind of "great authors" series
Is there an Allen Ginsberg model somewhere?

im hoping bukowski roller blades go into production soon
my son has been asking for some skates
and what better face to be wearing when he falls and scrapes himself all up
but that of good ole Hank,
hung over and having just vomited into a shit stained toilet.


people are on to something.
*rolls eyes*

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