"What to Do with Contributor's Copies?" (Roominghouse Madrigals) (1 Viewer)

In the poem What to Do with Contributor's Copies.. .. what does Buk mean when he says “she'll probably put her pisser in the oven”? Pisser makes little sense in this context, given he's talking about a female and it's clearly some physical object that can actually be PUT in an oven (actual or metaphorical?)

Anyhow, I'm not a Californian (live in London) and trying to make head or tail of this American slang! Anyone who can help?
Can you quote more of the poem to give us some context? Based on the line alone, I'm guessing by "pisser" he means "pussy" (slang for vagina) which is nonsensical but may make sense with more context.
Sure thing - see picture attached. It occurs in the first part of the poem.

In context, the phrase makes me think of sticking her head in an oven -- committing suicide the way Syvia Plath did.
Slang is an ideal way to witness how language fails us.

In context it’s exactly as written. Just as his choices for the recipients of the other three contributor copies.

Sometimes the interests of the heart go unexplained, as she certainly seems to have been.

His description seems apt?

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