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Plus, if it is a forgery, it seems to be done with a quick hand and why add the line when no other examples have the line? Most forgers copy what they see and are slow to write. This looks fast, which is good for the authenticity. This is a tough one. In the end, we will probably say that it is real. It looks right, but a bit sloppy. Also, I'm not sure why a forger would, after going through all the work to find a wrong backstrip copy would add that line, when it is only one extra step that would not show up on any other examples. It just seems odd. Because of this, I tend to think that it is real. Seeing a number from another copy of DITT that is close in sequence or has that same 4 or 9 will cinch it as authentic, I think.



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It may be legit, but the signature just doesn't feel like Buk to me, sober or hung over, and the underline is something I've never seen. I like Bill's theory that perhaps someone "improved" a copy that should have been signed but wasn't. I wouldn't buy it.
Nice find, Jordan.

Unfortunately, it seems that I am unable to obtain access to a scanner with a functioning platen scan option (sheet feed only - that's not going to happen!). My digital camera creates imiages that exceed the size requirements here, so I'm outta luck unless I can figure out how to change the settings on my camera to create smaller image files.


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Okay, okay - sold!
I'll go hank solo's £20 one better: $21!

Oh, wait, that's not better...


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Another way to resize photos is to open the file in Paint, resize the image and save it under a different file name. I do this to make my digital photos smaller and it's quick and easy.
Time to drdge up this old thread. Here's a not-called-for signed first trade ed of Hot Water Music with the line under the signature. I feel very confident in the signature, and Scott Harrison indicated that he got this from the Don Klein collection and vouched for its authenticity.


Hopefully this file size is OK; it seems to be on my end.
Those are nearly Scott's words as well.

While not normally a "pink" fan, I really like the pink corduroy binding on the trade edition of this one.

Edited to add: Well, of course I like the pink, you know, in general. I was referring to the color, not the...uhhh. Well, you know. Yeah, I like that. :cool: